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Formulario de pedido de troqueles flexibles fácil de descargar

Haga clic en el ícono para descargar de manera conveniente nuestro Formulario de pedido de troqueles flexibles.

Flexible Die RequestSolid Die Request

Guarde el documento en su computadora, luego abra el archivo e ingrese su información en los campos. Una vez completado, guarde el documento y envíelo por correo electrónico a su Representante de Servicio al Cliente de RotoMetrics.

Formatos de archivo electrónico aceptados

RotoMetrics puede aceptar material gráfico del cliente electrónicamente mediante los siguientes formatos de archivo:

  • Adobe Illustrator(R) version 5.5 through Adobe CS5 (Native AI or PDF accepted)
  • AutoCad(R) DWG Release 2015 or lower
  • DXF, ASCII or Binary file (must be compatible with AutoCad R2015)
  • IGES version 5.1 or lower
  • PDF (Warning: Not all PDFs are created equal and may require additional support documents to identify the pattern dimensions completely)
  • Graphics files need to be in a vectorized format.

We cannot accept Postscript, Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), QuarkXpress(TM) or Corel Draw files. We also cannot accept scanned images or files which import or place these scanned images. Emails may be sent directly to your Customer Solutions Representative or through MyRoto.com.

Not sure how to care for your RotoMetrics product?

Find your product’s Care and Handling Sheet here.

In-House Material to Test Dies at US Facilities

RotoMetrics tests all dies prior to shipment to ensure a perfect cut on the material you’re using. For your convenience, RotoMetrics’ US manufacturing facilities keep a supply of the more common materials so there’s no need to send yours, saving you both time and money. Download the guide below to review our list of in-house materials to test in the US. If you have any questions about the descriptions, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

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